Trying to stay on track? I can help with “virtual” counseling.

firstlinetherapy.pictureIt is hard to maintain a healthy lifestyle.  Tools and counseling available through Pathway Dietetics can help.

Gayle has partnered with a company offering an online lifestyle tracking tool.  It allows you to get help with diet and exercise, without ever needing to visit the office.  We will have e-mail and phone calls to discuss your food and activity tracking.  Give it a try.

    • Costs for this online service are reasonable,
    • the experience is personalized, and the
    • results are proven.

Who: Clients of Pathway Dietetics (new or existing)

What: On-line lifestyle management tool including daily activities and diet. Phone consult monthly and unlimited email communication with health coach.  No office visits required!!!

Why: To reach or maintain your health goals

When:  Premium online program for special pricing

How: http://; go to “sign up”  Enter Code: Gayle.B1051113

More:   call Gayle for more information:  847 701-8345

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Brazilian Cheese Puffs – delightful gluten free morsels

Taste little hollow balls of flavor.

Taste little hollow balls of flavor.

If you’re looking for a gluten free crowd pleaser that’s easy to whip up and no one will ever know it’s ideal for your specialty diet, this delightful Brazilian appetizer fits the bill.  Every time I make them, I think of my daughter-in-law’s family as they all kept their eyes on the oven, anxiously awaiting the first tray out of the hot oven, not wanting to miss that first steamy bite!

These little cheesy bites puff up beautifully and have a lovely golden brown color. Best served warm, they can also be made ahead and reheated at the last minute, though our family has been known to eat them cold — if they ever last that long!

Brazilian Cheese Bread – Pão de Queijo

2 cups tapioca flour
1 cup milk
3/4 cup oil
2 eggs
1/2 tsp salt
1/3 cup parmesan cheese

Put all ingredients into the blender. Blend until well mixed. Pour into oiled mini-muffin cups (or regular muffin cups). Bake in a 400 degree oven until tops start to turn a golden brown, about 20 minutes. Watch out as you take them out of the oven — your guests will be right behind you, waiting for the first taste!

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Gluten Free with Pizzazz

Brazilian Cheese Bread – Pão de Queijo

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Spring is here… for updates on Pathway Nutrition class schedule.

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Pathway Dietetics is now located in Palatine, IL.:

675 N. North Court; Suite 270

Palatine, IL 60067

The Palatine Public Library is directly across the street from our parking lot.

675 N. North Court; Ste 270; Palatine, IL

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New year, new eaters, new ways to approach food

With the New Year come new opportunities.   Pathway Dietetics has introduced a series of classes and more new ways to stay healthy.  Please explore the site to learn how we can help you, or contact us for more information.

Space is now open in a three session course on raising healthy eaters based on Ellyn Satter’s classic book Child of Mine: Feeding With Love and Good Sense.

The 2013 Healthy Feeding Series: Raising Healthy Eaters

for Parents and Caregivers of Babies, Toddlers, and Preschoolers

Learn the division of responsibility in feeding.  Guide your children toward a lifetime of normal eating behaviors. Presented by Registered Dietitian Gayle Booth and based on pediatric feeding therapist, Ellyn Satter’s, Feeding With Love and Good Sense.  Give your child the gift of normal feeding and a healthy relationship with food.

$30 for a series of 3 sessions

Wednesdays, 7:00 to 7:50 PM

Session 1     February 6             Defining responsibility in feeding

Session 2     February 13            When, how much and how of feeding

Session 3     February 20           Feeding transitions during infancy and the preschool years

Contact Us for more information or to register.


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FODMAP Holiday Menus

As the holidays approach following a special diet becomes a challenge.  Traditional foods often must be limited to avoid “filling your fodmap bucket” IBS-Free at Last posted this list of substitute FODMAP Holiday Menu ideas  so that even those on FODMAP restrictions or just getting started with the initial phases of FODMAP can enjoy the entire holiday with family and friends.

Source:  Patsy Catsos, RD:

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Let us be your fork in the road

Pathway Dietetics is dedicated to helping you make positive changes in your diet and lifestyle that move you towards a healthier future.  If you are ready to start your journey, let us be your fork in the road.  Contact us as the first step along the “pathway” to a healthier you.

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Easy Dinners for Hectic School Nights

McHenry County Magazine featured Pathway Dietetics in a recent article by Cassie Peterson excerpted below.

“Finding time for healthy home-cooked meals can be a challenge.
Between work, homework, sports and extracurricular activities, eating well often takes a backseat to convenience.

“A lot of families are facing a time crunch,” says Susan Yager, registered dietitian of Pathway Dietetics in Crystal Lake. “Unfortunately, the easiest pathway is through the drive-through.”

While parents want to provide healthy meals for their families, they often feel they just don’t have the time on hectic school nights.

But with a little planning and creativity, even the busiest families can find the time to eat right. Yager and Gayle Booth, also a registered dietitian of Pathway Dietetics, offer tips to make healthy eating easier.”
Read More

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